Lessons Learned from a Family Road Trip

19 05 2014

Boat shacks at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada


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Saturday night was my baby boy’s pre-birthday dinner at my house. His 32nd birthday. Michael, Rumi, Marisa and I gathered for tandoor scallops and shrimp, jicama slaw with lime, Basmati rice, Prosecco and strawberry pie. All fresh; all homemade. When I’m not writing, I’m cooking—although I can’t successfully make dessert. That’s Marisa’s province.

We talked about a number of things and The Vacation came up. The Vacation was a 35 day road trip through New England, Québec and the Maritime Provinces. 2,700 miles over a month and change. Michael remembered he was in fifth grade and that he had fun, but it wasn’t until years later that the trip really meant something to him. For both he and his sister, The Vacation instilled a sense of adventure and wonder.

They both have traveled much further into the world than I have in my life.

There were parallel learning experiences on the trip…how to (and not to) take a long trip with the family and how much the moments of the trip would mean as the years passed. Even though that trip was in the early 90s, it’s still known in the family as The Vacation.

I learned that I am a routing control freak – and still am. I have to know what road is traveled and what there is to see and do on the road. I also learned to be able to let go and just flow with the trip. And, I learned not to order poutine while relying solely on a French-English dictionary.




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