Safety-Tech with Chevy and OnStar

19 05 2014
OnStar technology controls in a Chevrolet Camaro

We drove a 2014 Chevy Camaro in the scavenger hunt and used the blue button a lot.

For the Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad Twitter Party May 19, 2014: #TMOMChevy #TMOM #Onstar

Traveling Moms ask, “What feature or tech makes you feel safe in a car?”

On this one, I have to say that the geek in me really liked the Chevy and OnStar MyLink collaboration. I really like the potential of the eNav system. The ability to call OnStar to find a restaurant, directions or update the map is an important tool for someone who travels.

In our test drive, we were able to contact OnStar, and just ask, “Where is the World of Chocolate museum?” The OnStar navigator found the location, confirmed it was what we wanted, and downloaded it to the eNav. This was accomplished without taking my hands off the steering wheel. Well, not quite, when the download was completed, I had to press a touch-sensitive “OK” button on the screen.

That’s a perfect feature for providing safety when traveling.




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