Who I want riding Shotgun

19 05 2014

For the Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad Twitter Party May 19, 2014: #TMOMChevy #TMOM #OnStar

Traveling Moms ask, “When traveling, who do you want in the passenger seat to navigate? Why?

Oh this is a tough one. Unlike the Traveling Moms, I’m a guy, and we don’t ask directions. On top of that, I’m also a geek when it comes to technology, so I want to be the one in control of the OnStar system. However, after driving with a GPS I realize this is not only stupid, but dangerous.

In the passenger seat rising shotgun, I’d want my heartthrob. She knows how to read a map and is able to quickly grasp technology. If driving alone, I’d pull over.

Looking back at my real-life experience with OnStar in the Chevy Impala, my second choice is the blue OnStar button, to be greeted and let the pros find my destination and download it to the MyLink.




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