Miracle Weight Loss: Learning to Graze; Mooove Over Bad Habits (Part 2)

29 06 2011

Seriously, you can eat what you want. I ate McDonalds, occasionally, Subway, even had a weekly gelato at The Gelato Spot. But, I kept my daily calories around 1,400. Here’s how I did it. On Sunday, I would cook three meals at one time covering Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, I cooked a meal, on Friday, I ate out. That was my guilty pleasure night. Don’t forget, exercise adds calories to the day.

For breakfast, I stayed with a single portion of cereal, two percent milk, 8 ounces of 100% juice, a multi-tab vitamin, and coffee. I learned a couple of things reading portions. Some cereals use a 6 ounce serving, which is three-quarters of a cup, others use one cup, 8 ounces. I found that Lucky Charms, of all cereals used an 8 ounce serving and with milk had fewer calories than some of the “healthy” cereals. I skipped the ones with sugared dehydrated fruits, and bought fresh fruit to put on the cereal. I used my 2 teaspoons of sugar. Breakfast hovered between 300 and 400 calories. I took some fruit and Welch’s Fruit Snacks to work. Fruit, of course, is good. Welch’s has 80 calories and about 15 pieces of candy made from real fruit juice. They’re sweet, tasty, and don’t overload calories.

For lunch, I made sandwiches, occasionally took a salad with tuna. With that, I had tortilla chips and salsa, another Welch’s Fruit Snack, and another piece of fruit. In the afternoon, I usually brought pretzels, 100 calories of cookies, or crackers. The sandwiches, made with whole grain breads or flatbreads (check labels; some focaccia, pita, and flatbreads have more calories than white bread). The key was eating throughout the day, every 90 minutes to two hours. I kept my glycemic load stable, and thus avoided “hunger pain.” With quality meats, like Boars Head from Fry’s, it’s amazing to find that five regular slices are only 3 ounces. Add an ounce of real cheese, not American or Velveeta, use cheddar like Tillamook, a Jarlsberg Swiss, goat cheese, and other tasty cheeses, and the sandwich is under 250 calories. This is a daily total of close to 1,000 calories before dinner.

Dinner … it’s simple. Cut your portions in half and double your salads (halving the dressing). I had dessert every night – but I intermixed death by chocolate and gelato treats with Trader Joes Fruit Floes—all fruit and 100 calories. If you need a late night snack, water with a squirt of fresh lemon or lime juice is perfect. Find yourself needing a Big Mac fix with fries and a Coke for 1,250 empty calories – exercise is the magic bullet.

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Getting younger every day

24 07 2010

“If you start adventure, and you are absolutely certain you will succeed; why bother starting?” This question was asked by Sir Edmund Hillary in Washington DC about ten years ago. Somehow, as life goes on this question seems to take on more meaning.my mother was visiting two weeks ago, and we took a trip from Phoenix to Tucson to have lunch with a woman who had been a neighbor when I was growing up in Illinois. I won’t disclose either of their ages, but I am 59 and our former neighbor’s oldest daughter… for whom I used to babysit…is now 54. At lunch we started talking about aging.

This is a topic, but I and many of my friends also discuss. And everyone seems to be in agreement on one point: we are getting younger every day. Today’s seniors are very different than the seniors when my mother and her friend were my age. Even my mother has gotten younger. When my daughter was born in 1976, she was the first granddaughter, and the first child of the next generation. My mother, who will probably deny this, started letting her hair go gray, because grandmothers have gray hair. Both of my grandmothers have gray hair as far back as I can remember them.

Our former neighbor has her hair the same color that I remember she had when I was babysitting, and it looks great. My mother has beautiful silver hair, and so does nothing to its color. Mine is going to be the same silver. No bluing, please.

This article, however is not about graying hair. It’s about the fact that today’s seniors are a lot more active than last generation’s seniors. My mom goes to the gym three days a week and works out. I ride my bike 12 to 30 miles every other day, and on the alternate days. I am lifting heavier weights more times than I did when I was in my 40s. I have a friend, 55, who climb a 1500 foot mountain every morning. The neighbor down the street, 52 years old, rides his road bike 65 miles every morning. Three acquaintances from a meet up group over 60 years old, hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back in one day.

Even in terms of clothing, style, hair color, and general lifestyle, today’s seniors aren’t.