In-car technology for swooning

19 05 2014


Chevrolet MyLink with OnStar AT&T Wi-Fi devices connected.

In the 2015 Chevrolet Impala, the MyLink and OnStar technology includes an AT&T-drive Wi-Fi hot spot that will connect seven devices.

For the Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad Twitter Party May 19, 2014: #TMOMChevy #TMOM #Onstar

Traveling Moms ask, “What in-car technology do you most love or want?”

When I was in Disney World with the gang from Traveling Mom, I really enjoyed the opportunity to try out some road-ready, and futuristic technology from Chevrolet. We had the opportunity to drive a 2014 Impala and Camaro, and tech-drive a 2015 Impala.

With the cars on the road, the technology Chevrolet offers its drivers is innovative. The car can be operated – not driven – but secured and ready to roll with a smartphone application. The MyLink app does some pretty amazing things in coordination with different OnStar programs.

Here’s what I liked…

…The backup camera. The image is clear and sharp, even in the gray, rainy conditions we faced. Its wide angle vision does not replace checking mirrors and over-the-shoulder, but it gives clarity and wider vision that looking backwards while backing.

…The OnStar emergency services. Luckily, we did not have to test this feature in real life. The car is loaded with sensors that automatically connect with OnStar when airbags are activated or the car is in a collision. The OnStar reps are not a call center, these are trained emergency service specialists who are able to provide solutions when time is crucial.

…The OnStar ability to track the car on the smartphone app—especially if driven by teens in the family. There is an ability to send a text message if the car travels beyond a certain perimeter.

…eNav. Honestly, we had some issues, but the potential is there. The OnStar folks were trying to get a group of nearly 40 people trained and ready to test the OnStar in a very compressed period. I’m looking forward to a more leisurely test OnStar is arranging for me here in Phoenix.




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