Where the road takes me this summer

19 05 2014

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Traveling Moms ask, “Where will the road take you this summer.”

Life is good this summer, with a planned 3,800 mile road trip from Phoenix, Arizona, to Port Townsend, Washington. Now, if the route were direct, the four-plus weeks on the road would be far less than the estimated mileage. The trip is going to meander through Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, and then home.

The trip will meander through national parks, natural scenic wonders with a couple of high-tailing-it stretches in between.

The first day will take us to Lake Powell National Recreation Area, Arizona and Utah. We’ll take in some of the of the overlooks at the Lake and Marble Canyon on the Colorado River. From there, it’s off to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah, followed by a couple of days at Bryce Canyon National Park.

From Bryce, we’re going to head across the Utah backcountry to Great Basin National Monument, Nevada. The state’s only national park is sometimes called the Yosemite of Nevada. We’ll camp at Great Basin, and then head down the loneliest highway in America, U.S. 50 to Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California.

A night of gaming (I’ve got $50 in quarters all saved up), and a drive around one of most beautiful and scenic lakes in America, will put us on the road to see friends in nearby Pine Grove, California. If there’s time, we’ll catch lunch with Traveling Mom Carmel Mooney in the gold country. From there it’s a bullet drive to Port Townsend, Washington.

That’s the epogee of the trip. After visits with family and friends—and a cruise on the Puget Sound—it’ll be back south. We’re going to head through Olympic National Park and the Hoh Forest. From there, it’s southward bound down the Washington and Oregon coasts to Mendocino County wine country and a dash to San Francisco to see more family.

A few days with grandson, Dash, and it’s back to Phoenix by mid-July.




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